Our Services

We are always at the cutting edge of technology and offer the latest products and techniques in the industry. We had proudly delivered services that use advanced technologies like Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machines in HDPE pipe joining works adopting the standard practices of IS.

HDPE Pipe Butt Fusion Welding Using Hydraulic Machine As Per IS Standards.

We offer HDPE Pipe joining services using advanced tools and technologies like Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine. Our experienced professionals and modern machinery helps us ensure true satisfaction of our customers.

AB Cable Stringing Works

We provide AB cable installation services following all the standards and safety precautions. AB cables have the advantages of high safety, reliability, low power loss and low budget by reducing installation, maintenance and operative costs.

Cable Laying Works

We provide high quaity trench excavation and cable laying services. Work is carried out under strict professional supervision and we always ensure that our work complies to the industry standards and authority instructions.

Transmission line projects

We take up a wide range of works required for the erection and maintenance of transmission lines. We handle HT Overhead Line Works for 33 KV, 22 KV and 11 KV HT lines. Our projects are completed on time with high quality.

RMU ,Transformer Erection & Commissioning

We offer RMU & Transformer erection and commissioning works for electrical distribution projects. We ensure that the services rendered is of high quality and meets the industry standards and the demands of our customers.

Water line Projects

We take up waterline projects for industrial, residential and commercial sectors and completes them in a timely manner. The projects are carried out under professional supervision ensuring high quality and compliance to industry standards.